The Beating Heart of Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells have borne decades of development, testing, and proving in some of the harshest conditions known to man – from the polar wilderness to the International Space Station. 


At the heart of every Fuel Cell System (FCS) is what is known as the stack - an electrochemical marvel which is what delivers the clean electricity on demand in zero emission fuel cell vehicles.


We call our stack Polaris.


To say that Polaris is infinitely versatile would not be a stretch. It has already been engineered for deployment in our lead customer’s systems to power everything from minibuses to heavy duty trucks.


Ideal OEM applications are commercial and specialised vehicles, ocean-going or freshwater vessels, and mobile power units.


We tailor all aspects of Polaris to yield optimal performance to suit operational conditions, power requirements, reliability factors, range, and other nuanced variables.


Crucially, we are able to guarantee that what our scientists and designers achieve in prototype is repeatable at commercial scale by our manufacturing engineers.