UNILIA at f-cell Canada


Edmonton, Canada, 25 May 2022 - UNILIA Fuel Cells Inc.(UNILIA), one of the world's leading providers of fuel cellstack technology is presenting its cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell stack, ELECTRA, at the 4th Annual International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event (f-cell Canada).



ELECTRA is the second generation product built from the ground up by UNILIA. With a power rating scalable to 130KW and a power density of 4.4KW/L, ELECTRA represents the company's latest technological advancements targeted for use in heavy-duty fuel cell systems requiring efficiency, performance, and durability.


Clean hydrogen-electric road and rail mobility as well as stationary power have shifted into the spotlight due to the global mandate for reduced carbon industry and energy.Hydrogen fuel cells have emerged as a viable solution to the decarbonization of long range heavy-duty trucking. The power and efficiency of fuel cell systems powered by stacks such as ELECTRA allow for operation and range that meets or exceeds the most efficient diesel powertrains.



Robert Artibise, VP, UNILIA commented :

We're proud to be showcasing our latest stack, ELECTRA. Today, over 2,200 UNILIA fuel cell stacks have been integrated into fuel cell systems, powering 28 different kinds of zero emissions vehicles in daily operation in 16 cities and 6 countries.


Robert Artibise

Artibise added: Our difference is that we work very closely with application engineers to ensure that our stacks are perfectly tailored to the end use case, whether it be long range road freight, last mile delivery, or a mid-town bus. The benefits of fuel cell for long range are particularly clear; fast refueling, driver comfort, clean and easy operation, lower cab vibration, these are all contributors to the fuel cell value proposition.


Laura Iwan (P.Eng)

Speaking at an f-cell Canada panel discussion on heavy-duty fuel cell applications, Laura Iwan, P.Eng, Senior Systems Engineer, UNILIA (Canada) explained: Our ELECTRA stacks were put through their paces last year when, after testing by TÜV Rheinland (independent testing & standards body), Our stack series products are the embodiment of decades of learning by UNILIA's industry veterans. The first-generation product POLARIS is suitable for various types of commercial vehicles, special vehicles, ships and other transportation power devices; the second-generation  product ELECTRA is suitable for heavy-duty fuel cell systems with higher requirements to meet larger loads, higher torque, and harsher operating conditions.




According to Iwan, the ELECTRA stack incorporates several significant technological upgrades that ensure it is competitive: "ELECTRA has customised MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly) designed and manufactured by UNILIA. Pressure drops are minimal. Performance, durability, flow sharing, water management, and the stack-system interface are optimised for customer flexibility, scalability, and reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)."



Artibise further commented on the companys growth: Today is coincidentally UNILAs 5th anniversary. Weve still got the passion of a start-up, but our resources and capabilities have grown significantly and were now a seasoned industry contributor. Im proud of the technological edge and manufacturing prowess that weve developed, both of which are serving to provide broader market access. In preparation for growth at scale. Im also proud to say that we recently achieved certification for IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management as well as ISO9001:2015 Quality Management.