R&D Labs, Protoyping, Testing, and Mass Production


We are an international hydrogen fuel cell stack engineering and manufacturing company at the forefront of the vehicle electrification movement.


Our core competencies are in electrochemical science, stack design and engineering, and at-scale production solutions. These are led by our teams of domain experts each of whom is an industry veteran with a minimum of fifteen years’ experience.


With R&D labs, prototyping, testing, and mass production facilities in Canada and China, Unilia was built from the ground up to offer unparalleled competitive advantage through technological edge, manufacturing prowess, and, importantly, market access.


The result is an agile synergy of East and West: the passion of a start-up coupled with the resources and capabilities of a seasoned industry contributor. We are actively engaged in the China automotive market and have begun several other projects around the globe which include marine and mobile power.